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Jamf School – Renaming method is ignored at enrollment while planned in the workflow

Steps to reproduce :
– MOM Location configured with a renaming method
– The device is enrolled for the first time in Jamf School
– The renaming method is applied and the local Computer name is registered in the device details
– The device is erased and re-enrolled
– The renaming method is ignored and the Computer name is forcibly set to the name displayed in the device details.

What does explain this behaviour ?

At enrollment, Jamf School is source of truth for the device name of a previously enrolled device. MOM anticipates this policy, disabling any planned renaming method if the device being enrolled is already part of the Jamf School devices inventory.

Mismatch between the workflow applied during MOM Setup and the current MDM Location

Steps to reproduce :
– Two MOM Locations, one linked to an Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) Token « A » and the other linked to an ADE Token « B »
– The device is enrolled in MDM Location « A » via the ADE Token « A »
– The device is moved from the ADE Token « A » to the ADE Token « B » in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager
– The device is not unenrolled (from the MDM console or locally)
– MOM Setup is executed and applies blindly the workflow for MDM Location « B » to the device still enrolled in MDM Location « A ».

What does explain this behaviour ?

The device has been moved between two ADE Tokens and was not unenrolled. MOM Setup detects that the device is already enrolled in MDM via Automated Device Enrollment and assumes the current MDM Location is already the targeted one with no way to check, so no unenrollment / enrollment process is triggered. Therefore MOM Setup applies the MOM workflow for MDM Location « B » whereas the device is enrolled in MDM Location « A ».

How to avoid this situation ?

When a device is moved between two ADE Tokens, don’t miss to unenroll the device first, from the MDM console or locally if possible. MOM Setup will detect that the device is not already enrolled, will trigger an enrollment in the targeted MDM Location and will apply the matching workflow.

Notification « AutoSetup aborted. The AutoSetup execution was prevented by a probe. » displayed during or after MOM Setup execution

Steps to reproduce :
– MOM AutoSetup package targeted to all the devices enrolled in the MDM
– MOM Setup used to enroll a device

What does explain this behaviour ?

If an AutoSetup package is targeted to all the devices enrolled, the MDM will spontaneously push the package to the device you are working on, more or less quickly. AutoSetup uses probes to detect if MOM Setup is being executed or was executed and in this situation, exits with the notification « AutoSetup aborted. The AutoSetup execution was prevented by a probe. »

How to avoid this situation ?

To avoid the display of this notification, target the MOM AutoSetup package at least only to devices enrolled using Automated Device Enrollment (smart group with the appropriate enrollment criteria).