MacOnboardingMate – Introduction


MacOnboardingMate (MOM) is a wizard designed to streamline the enrollment of a Mac in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution or a non MDM-based solution which is aimed to manage Mac.

MOM is delivered as two different modules called Setup and AutoSetup :

  • Setup is executed from an opened end user’s session to streamline the onboarding using Device Enrollment or Automated Device Enrollment
  • AutoSetup is a lightweight version of Setup, installed by the MDM and executed silently as soon as possible in the context of Automated Device Enrollment.

MOM has been tested with a growing list of well known management solutions but we are eager to support any other you may use in your organization.

MOM is marketed to date as :

  • a paid licence for the core product itself (right to use in a named single organization)
  • a mandatory one-time service to customize your copy in the perimeter of the publicly published capacities
  • an optional support service to enrich your copy beyond those capacities.

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