Telepod : elevate your hospitality experience with Digital signage

Imagine being able to welcome your guests with a warm, personalized greeting message displayed on the lock screen of the iPad available in their room.

Now, envision another message on the home screen, inviting your clients to fully utilize the iPad to explore your amenities, browse local attractions, unwind with entertainment options, contact the concierge team for assistance, or simply relax!

Introducing Telepod Digital signage, our innovative solution for seamlessly installing wallpapers with unique text inlays on iPads.

Say goodbye to generic welcome screens. Whether it’s a luxury hotel, an exclusive resort, or an upscale restaurant, our feature lets you effortlessly create a memorable and tailored experience from the moment your clients arrive.

Digital signage is available with Telepod Setup and Telepod Setup Enmasse licenses, at an annual cost of 590 Euros and 740 Euros respectively. These two licenses enable the preparation of up to 150 devices repeatedly. Optional packs can be purchased to manage more devices.

Each license is associated with one organization, meaning that each organization within a group must acquire its own license, and includes 2 hours of support. Telepod can be installed on an unlimited number of Mac hosts.

Get all the details on the Offers and Pricing page in English or French.

Ready to elevate your hospitality experience? Explore Telepod Digital signage today!

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