Telepod : sort iOS devices based on battery data

Is your business or educational institution struggling to sort iOS devices into those that can be repurposed and those that need to be repaired or recycled?

Introducing Telepod Sorting workflow, the innovative solution to ease sorting iPads and iPhones based on their battery data.

You can configure the values for battery cycle count and battery health that Telepod must use to report that a battery is in normal, warning or failure status. With the graphical interface, you can easily identify the status of each device at a glance. The physical location capacity lets you quickly determine which port on which hub a device is connected to, so you can avoid mistakes when filling your grade bins. And when the workflow is stopped, Telepod generates a comprehensive CSV report combining battery data alongside hardware and software device information. Cumulative data allows even the most demanding users to identify wear trends from one year to the next.

This empowers businesses to make informed decisions about device recycling, ensuring that each device is used at the maximum of its lifespan.

A Telepod Sorting license currently has an annual cost of 590 Euros. Each license is associated with one organization, meaning that each organization within a group must acquire its own license, and includes 2 hours of support. Telepod can be installed on an unlimited number of Mac hosts and each Telepod station can inspect an unlimited number of iOS devices.

The Sorting license can be upgraded anytime to another type of license when workflows require tasks beyond inpection, device erase or OS restore, battery charging, and device shutdown.

Get all the details on the Offers and Pricing page in English or French.

Invest in Telepod today and experience seamless device sorting like never before.

The alert and failure thresholds for battery cycle count have been intentionally set at low values, allowing Telepod to trigger alerts during demonstrations while the devices remain under normal operating conditions.

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