EasyLAPS : unique passwords for the local admins on all your Mac

EasyLAPS enhances security by rotating unique, randomly generated passwords for the local admin accounts on all your Mac devices, reducing the risk of credential-based attacks associated with shared passwords.

Key features :

• EasyLAPS employs a password rotation process that maintains the cryptographic status of local administrator accounts, enabling them to perform essential tasks such as unlocking the device, installing macOS updates, modifying startup security policies, initiating an Erase All Content and Settings command, and more.

• With integration capabilities with 11 MDMs commonly used in both business and education sectors, EasyLAPS seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure.

Latest additions :

• EasyLAPS 2 : The latest release is now live, featuring optimized code for improved efficiency.

• Rotation deferral : EasyLAPS 2 includes the ability to defer the initial password rotation after a specified number of days, providing technicians with ample time to complete device setup.

• Enhanced API support : EasyLAPS fully supports Jamf Pro API, including authentication based on API Roles and Clients. It also leverages the latest authentication method using a Bearer Token when integrating with Mosyle Business and Manager.

• Deployment flexibility : EasyLAPS offers the capability to be deployed as macOS apps using Microsoft Intune.

Want to know more or get a trial? Visit these pages in English and French.

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