MOM made multilingual for MDM onboarding and migration

Before becoming a tool to help migrate a Mac from one MDM to another, MacOnboardingMate (MOM) was originally a wizard designed to streamline the onboarding of a Mac in an MDM. A MOM workflow is configured via a configuration file with more than one hundred keys to cover the scope of customer needs. No scripting knowledge required, no time lost to adapt an existing script for the latest version of macOS or the MDM.

But one piece of the puzzle was missing : the localization of the interface to display all instructions in the logged in user’s preferred language. You guess from this post that the piece has been found. As of today, MOM customers can build their own translations of the displayed set of strings using a standard method based on building a PO file from a provided template. At runtime, MOM reads the languages defined in the Language & Region System Preference from top to bottom and if a PO file is available for that language, it is used for the duration of the workflow.

This new capacity if very important considering that MOM claims that the end user should be able to migrate his own Mac between two MDM as he was able to first onboard it using Automated Device Enrollment. Furthermore, localization can be used in conjunction with a MOM+ capacity that offers to restrict the availability of the migration process to the local IT Support hours, based on the time zone of the device.

Localization capacity is offered to current and future MOM and MOM+ license owners.

To learn more about MacOnboardingMate, please visit the Introduction, Management Solutions Support, Capacities and Offers and pricing pages of the Agnosys website.

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