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Telepod is an automaton designed to streamline the lifecycle of an iOS device. Under the remote monitoring of the IT support and without recourse to iCloud, a new iOS device can be restored from the backup of a device acting as a model or from the backup of a device that needs to be replaced. Telepod can also be implemented as part of an MDM switching project requiring migrated devices to retain their Automated Device Enrollment configuration.

The actions applied on the device are driven by highly customizable workflows. The workflows are launched from an assistant made available to the end users and the IT Support in the Self Service of a Mac enrolled in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Three workflows are currently implemented :

  • Replacement with two main use cases :
    • Device switching : a current device is replaced by a new device, managed by the current MDM
    • MDM switching : a current device is replaced by a new device, managed by the new MDM
  • Setup : a new device is set up from the backup of another device acting as a model
  • Backup : a device acting as a model is backed up, so other new devices can be set up.

Data is transferred locally over a wired connexion, therefore iCloud is not involved. Backups can be stored centrally in a distribution point, so they are globally available. After being restored with the backup of a model or a previous device, devices can be enrolled in the MDM using Automated Device Enrollment or Device Enrollment.

An MDM switching involves a transition of the data between two different devices, so that the MDM enrollment settings of the current device are not restored on the new device. This transition allows the new device restored with the data from the previous one to be enrolled in the new MDM via Automated Device Enrollment.

Telepod has been tested with a growing list of well known management solutions but we are eager to support any other you may use in your organization.

Telepod is localized in English and French but the customer can build from a template its own translations to match the preferred languages of the users.

Demo : Replacement / Device switching

Screenshots for a workflow of type Replacement / Device switching

Workflow selection


Workflow informations


Confirmation of the current device


Backup of the current device


Confirmation of the new device


Customization of the new device


Restoration of the backup on the new device


Invitation to follow the instructions for the MDM enrollment


New device supervised and managed by the MDM


Completed workflow


Received Webhooks


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