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Telepod is an automaton designed to streamline the lifecycle of an iOS device. Under the remote monitoring of the IT support and without recourse to iCloud, a new iOS device can be restored from the backup of a device acting as a model or from the backup of a device that needs to be replaced. Telepod can also be implemented as a preparation wizard, or as part of an MDM switching project requiring migrated devices to retain their Automated Device Enrollment configuration.

The actions applied on the device are driven by highly customizable workflows. The workflows are launched from an assistant made available to the end users and the IT Support in the Self Service of a Mac enrolled in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Five workflows are currently implemented :

  • Migration (MDM switching) : a device is migrated from one MDM to another MDM
  • Replacement with two main use cases :
    • Device switching : a current device is replaced by a new device, managed by the current MDM
    • MDM switching : a current device is replaced by a new device, managed by the new MDM
  • Setup : a new device is set up, possibly from the backup of another device acting as a model
  • Setup en masse : simultaneous setup of multiple devices, possibly from the backup of another device acting as a model
  • Backup : a device acting as a model is backed up, so other new devices can be set up.

For a workflow of type Migration, devices are unenrolled from the current MDM and enrolled in the new MDM using Device Enrollment. No data transfer takes place. The trade-off of this simple transition is that devices cannot be enrolled in the new MDM using Automated Device Enrollment, to prevent the management profile from being removed later.

For a workflow of type Backup, Replacement, Setup and Setup en masse, data is transferred locally over a wired connexion, therefore iCloud is not involved. After being restored with the backup of a model or a previous device, devices can be enrolled in the MDM using Device Enrollment or Automated Device Enrollment. Backups can be stored centrally in a distribution point so there are available world-wide.

Telepod 2 introduces a brand new user interface based on swiftDialog, albeit the one based on DEPNotify remains available to offer a smooth transition to customers.

Telepod is multilingual and currently localized in English and French, but translations can be built from a template to match the preferred languages of the users. Telepod is a turnkey software that requires no scripting knowledge to be implemented, then upgraded.

Telepod has been tested with a growing list of well known management solutions but we are eager to support any other you may use in your organization.

Telepod is featured in Apple @ Work series 9to5Mac.

When use Telepod rather than Apple Configurator ?

Workflows Telepod offers 5 workflows : backup, migration, replacement (device switching / MDM switching), setup, setup en masse. Apple Configurator offers 2 workflows : backup, setup en masse.
Configuration Workflows and resources are retrieved remotely from the MDM. Workflows and resources are managed locally.
Execution Once preparation of the first connected devices has begun, devices are prepared as they are connected and reconnected. The intent is that users have only to connect and disconnect the devices. Preparation is always performed on the devices selected first. Most of the time, the software is used by the IT department.
Interactions with MDM Telepod can interact with MDM to collect and update device attributes and send remote commands like Return to Service. Apple Configurator does not interact with MDM.
Documents Documents are provisioned in built-in apps and apps installed remotely by the MDM Documents are provisioned in built-in apps and apps installed locally by Apple Configurator
OS updates The workflow can plan that a device has its OS updated when a new release is available, or when it is necessary to restore a backup. The workflow can plan that a device has its OS updated when a new release is available.
Backups Backups are retrieved remotely from a SMB or FTP distribution points, or managed locally. Backups are managed locally.
Language and region The language and region are configured at the workflow level for all devices prepared and can possibly be customized per device from values retrieved from a Placeholders CSV table. The language and region are the ones of the computer.
MDM switching Telepod offers 2 workflows to help an MDM switching project, one of which retains Automated Device Enrollment status. Apple Configurator is not designed to help an MDM switching project.
Allowed time slots Telepod execution can be restricted to allowed time slots, aimed to reflect the availability of the IT Support. Apple Configurator does not offer this capacity.
Visibility Workflows are monitored locally and remotely with Webhooks sent via Slack or Teams Workflows are monitored locally.
Enhancements Telepod can be enhanced following discussions with the support, with the exception of the cfgutil tool which is maintained by Apple. Apple Configurator can be enhanced following feedbacks.
Branding and Localization Telepod can be widely branded and localized in any language based on provided templates. Apple Configurator cannot be branded and is localized in 10 languages.

Screenshots : Setup en masse



Screenshots : Replacement / Device switching (swiftDialog)

Telepod initialization


Workflow selection


Workflow introduction


Workflow started


Current device selection


Current device backup


New device selection


New device customization


Backup restoration


New device prepared


Workflow completed


Received Webhooks


Demo : Replacement / Device switching (DEPNotify)

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