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MacOnboardingMate (MOM) is a wizard designed both to streamline the onboarding of a Mac in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, or to orchestrate its migration from one MDM to another MDM, under the remote monitoring of the IT support.

With a MOM Setup license, a Mac is onboarded from an opened user’s session, or from the Setup Assistant. In the first context, the Mac is already in production and enrolled in the MDM using Device Enrollment or Automated Device Enrollment. In the second one, the Mac is new or reset and enrolled in the MDM using Automated Device Enrollment.

With a MOM Switch license, a Mac is migrated from an opened user’s session and enrolled in the new MDM using Device Enrollment or Automated Device Enrollment. This critical process is the center piece of an MDM switching project, requiring migrated devices to retain their Automated Device Enrollment configuration if applicable. This license also includes the capacities of a MOM Setup licence.

To run all these workflows, two execution modes are implemented. Launcher is the name given to the execution mode in which MOM is run manually outside of an MDM. AutoLauncher is the one given to the execution mode in which MOM is run from an MDM, either automatically or manually from a Self Service. For instance, when a Mac is migrated from one MDM to another MDM, which requires a MOM Switch license, MOM is executed from the MDM that the device leaves using AutoLauncher execution mode.

The MDM switching was the flagship capacity of MacOnboardingMate 4. It implies both the assisted unenrollment from the previous MDM before the enrollment in the new MDM, and the copy of selected inventory values of the migrated device during its exodus.

MacOnboardingMate 5 introduces a brand new user interface based on swiftDialog, albeit the one based on DEPNotify remains available to offer a smooth transition to customers. MOM White glove provisioning combined with macOS Automated Device Enrollment offers a similar experience as Windows Autopilot for pre-provisioned deployment. Installomator integration allows installing of the latest available versions of software at the time of onboarding.

MOM is multilingual and currently localized in English and French, but translations can be built from a template to match the preferred languages of the users. MOM is a turnkey software that requires no scripting knowledge to be implemented, then upgraded. If necessary, MOM can be augmented with scripts executed at key steps of the workflows.

MOM has been tested with a growing list of well known management solutions but we are eager to support any other you may use in your organization.

MacOnboardingMate is featured in Apple @ Work series 9to5Mac.

Demo : White glove provisioning

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