MacOnboardingMate – Management solutions support – EN

Management solutions support

MacOnboardingMate should work with any Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution which implements Mac enrollment. (1)

The following management solutions are currently actively supported as we already have customers using them and/or available test environments.

We are eager to support MacOnboardingMate with any other management solution you may use in your organization.

FileWave Launcher AutoLauncher
Hexnode UEM Launcher AutoLauncher
Jamf Now Launcher AutoLauncher
Jamf Pro Launcher AutoLauncher
Jamf School Launcher AutoLauncher
JumpCloud Launcher AutoLauncher
Kandji Launcher AutoLauncher
Meraki Systems Manager Launcher AutoLauncher
Microsoft Intune Launcher AutoLauncher
Miradore Launcher AutoLauncher
Mosyle Business Launcher AutoLauncher
Mosyle Manager Launcher AutoLauncher
SimpleMDM Launcher AutoLauncher
VMware Workspace ONE UEM Launcher AutoLauncher
Apple Profile Manager
Solution discontinued by the editor
Launcher AutoLauncher

(1) Mac should be enrolled in a MDM solution for the best management experience. However, some organizations have adopted MacOnboardingMate to deploy Mac without any management solution. In this context, an highly customized copy of MacOnboardingMate can wrap all the content desired and install it using a Postflight script.

(2) This management solution does not offer a mechanism to install a developer signed package (PKG) specifically during the Automated Device Enrollment sequence or in a reliable way right after the enrollment. In this context, it is still possible to let the device enroll using Automated Device Enrollment and then execute manually Setup with some more or less important compromises depending on your targeted workflow.